Brooklyn, NY

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About Our Clinic

Our goal is to provide you the best possible hearing care, based upon your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. These services include hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic procedures(otoacoustic emission testing, auditory brain stem response testing, tympanometry, and acoustic reflex testing), and computerized programming of analog and digital hearing aids.

Furthermore, our services extend to individuals who may have normal hearing as well. For example, we offer custom made hearing protection for musicians, dentists, police officers, and others who work in noisy environments. We provide custom in-the-ear monitors for use in broadcasting and law enforcement. And we make customized earpieces for hands-free cell phone operation. Custom swim molds are advised for children with ventallation tubes, and adults and children who may have ear drum perforations or swimmers ear. We specialize in these as well.

We're here to help people live the life they want with the hearing they have. See our services page for more information.